About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to serve our guests the best homemade from scratch foods that bring back those memories of Mom and Grandmas country cooking. We use only fresh locally sourced ingredients.

Catering Special Events

Our restaurant is ready to be part of your next big or small event. We can cater up to 500+ We have a vast menu to choose from, if you want it we can cook it for you.

Seasonal Items

Our menu is ever changing with the seasons, we do several different types of soups and stews during the fall and winter months and our daily menu reflects the available ingredients.



 Overall, Keto prepared dishes are prepared to be safer choices for diabetics. Because each diabetic both Type 1 and Type 2 react differently to all foods they consume we cannot make any guarantee that you will not be affected with your blood sugar levels or any other issues associated with your diabetes and/or the treatment you are on for it. Please proceed to enjoy these meals according to YOUR unique treatment. In our Keto desserts and dishes we only use Almond flour sometimes Coconut flour, Oat Fiber, Flax Meal, Swerve, Stevia or Splenda, real butter and cream cheese and heavy cream or half and half. You can always ask about the ingredient list. Thank you. The Corner Kitchen.